Health Benefits of Exercise and Sauna

Do you think that your gym’s infrared sauna is only for relaxation and recreation? You probably need to think again. The benefits of infrared heat go far beyond a nice relaxing experience. The benefits include release of toxins, improved circulation, and even weight loss.Daily we are exposed to harmful toxins, heavy metals and other harmful compounds which become trapped in our skin and tissues Our body attempts to remove these by sweating. However, the sweating we do during exercise is not enough to be as effective as the excessive sweating experienced in a sauna. Excessive sweating speeds up the natural process of cleansing and detoxifying the body.

Using your gym sauna will bring you many health benefits. However, before you begin using your sauna, be sure you are aware of the safety tips recommended by the manufacturer.

10 Health Benefits of Gym Infrared Saunas

1. Eliminates metals, toxins, and chemicals trapped in your skin. By “sweating them out” you relieve the burden of the toxicity on your kidneys and liver.

2. Circulation oxidation of the tissues is enhanced.

3. With repeated use of the infrared rays, your blood pressure may be lowered and the elasticity of the arteries improved.

4. Heat is dissipated by raising the body temperature which shunts blood toward the skin. This causes the internal organs to decongest, which in turn stimulates circulation.

5. Raising the body temperature helps the body to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and provides fever therapy for infections.

6. Increasing the circulation helps to cleanse and clear the skin and complexion.

7. Work on controlling your weight by burning up to 600 calories in a single 25 minutes sauna session.

8. Stress and anxiety are relieved, which in turn boosts your immune and cardiovascular systems.

9. Muscular, as well as arthritic aches and pains are relieved, improving flexibility.

10. The mind, body, and senses are sharpened and energized.

But don’t forget that one of the most important aspects of utilizing a sauna is the cool-down effect of the swimming pool. Unfortunately, this is an area where many gyms let their clients down. And this entire regimen can be an incredibly relaxing experience to remove the stresses of the day.

We recently asked one of our almost daily clients, Mr. Daniel Matsunana  about his experience. Mr. Matsunana comes in at least 5 times a week for deep tissue work, the sauna and steam room, and then the pool.  He recently told us, “The fact that you have the entire package is why I keep coming back and have been a member for almost a decade. If you ever decide to get rid of your pool, that’ll be my last visit.”

Another client with Higher Offer recounted a similar experience (and threat) to our management regarding our maintenance of the sauna and cold pool. “You get rid of those benefits because of maintenance cost and I’ll burn this whole place to the ground.”  We know they were saying this in jest, but it is comments like that that keep us constantly re-investing into this place.

These clients said this half-joking, but we hear you gentlemen loud and clear. Don’t worry! The pool and sauana are staples of our relaxation tools and we’ll make sure you are always taken care of here at Redwood.

Other reasons to consider home infrared saunas is that they have a lower temperature than steam saunas. This lower temperature is more comfortable, especially to those who are ill, and it also benefits anyone who is suffering from chronic diseases.

Infrared ceramic heaters or carbon panel heaters put direct heat on the body, allowing toxins to escape more readily. Some of these toxins are cholesterol, sodium, lead, nickel, mercury, and cadmium.

Little to no preheating is required with saunas using infrared. This saves you time and electricity.